Women in Construction Week, or WIC Week for short, is celebrated each year in March and promotes the role of women in construction. The National Association of Women in Construction, or NAWIC, began WIC Week in 1998.

This year, WIC Week is observed from March 3 to March 9, with a theme of ‘Keys to the Future’, and which highlights and celebrates the knowledge of women and their role in shaping the future of construction.

“WIC Week is dedicated to highlighting women as instrumental components of the construction industry and enables more visibility of women in the workforce,” explained Nora Casanova, Director of Procurement for Karsten Interior Services.

Businesses with ties to the construction industry are encouraged to participate in the activities of WIC Week. Various local chapters hold WIC Week events, which can include making presentations to high school classes, job site tours, luncheons and virtual events

 Each day of the week includes specific ideas for focus, including:

Sunday, March 3: Virtual or in-person kickoff

Monday, March 4: Keys to the Future. Learn about education and leadership resources.

Tuesday, March 5: Getting into Construction

Wednesday, March 6: Breaking Stereotypes

Thursday, March 7: Workplace Safety. Gain workplace safety knowledge.

Friday, March 8: Leadership in the Industry. Empowering women in construction.

Saturday, March 9: A Call to Action. Wrap up the week, discuss highlights and reflect on learnings.

In Houston, specifically, the following WIC Week events are scheduled:

Sunday: Social Media Sunday Podcasts in English and Spanish.

Monday: Hands on hard hats with #SHEBUILDSHOUSTON at 9999 Veterans Memorial Drive, Houston, 77038. Women will build PPE kits in preparation for the upcoming C3 #SHEBUILDSHOUSTON event.

Tuesday: Keys to managing work-life balance workshop and market at 8:30am at the Eden Plant Co. at 3401 Harrisburg Blvd.

Wednesday: Tradeswomen lunch and Turner jobsite tour at 11:30am at 1069 Fairway Drive in Webster, Texas. 

Thursday: Women in Construction Fashion Show at 4pm at the Marek facilities at 2115 Judiway, 77018. Discussions about positive mental health and a tour of the Marek construction project.

Friday:  1. Keys to Mentoring with Texas Technical Trade School enables ways to discover high-demand trades, scholarships, industry insights, career mapping and demonstrations. This will take place at 9700 Almeda Genoa Rd, Suite 501, at 9am.

Friday:  2. NAWIC presents Unlocking Opportunities. Advice and tips for your personal branding, why it matters, and networking opportunities from 11am to 2pm. To register or for more information, go to www.nawic-houston.org.

Saturday: Community service project with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Volunteers help build beds for kids without their own (beds). To register and for more information, go to www.nawic-houston.org.